Ste tells Brendan he wants more than just a fling if they’re ever going to have a future and Brendan promises him the world. As they tear each other’s clothes off, Cheryl is trying to get hold of Brendan as his ex-wife Eileen is coming over to see him. Eileen catches Ste and Brendan in bed together and is horrified.

In the heat of the moment, Brendan tells Ste to leave as he chases after Eileen, trying to explain this was just a one off. Despite her anger, Eileen explains that she needs Brendan to have Declan as she is going abroad to a wedding.

Amy is devastated when Pete explains she may have to look for a new job come term-time. So Lee and Dodger make it their mission to cheer the pretty blonde up.

Poor Darren is forced to play peace-maker when Nancy and Frankie come to blows once again.

Also; Bart and Sinead wake from another night spent sleeping rough. It’s clear that their romance can not survive the reality of life on the streets.