Will Brendan pull through?

Brendan lies unconscious in hospital while Cheryl wills him to get better. Amy worries about Ste’s behaviour, but he insists he’s fine and visits Brendan in hospital ready to bare all.

Jason and Seth decide to throw an after-hours party in the pub while their parents are away. But a clueless Duncan believes they are throwing it for his birthday. While they wait for the pub to close, the four lads get a bit too tipsy and Duncan stupidly comes onto Jason while Ricky throws up.

At the Osbornes, Ricky passes out and Gilly is forced to take him to the hospital, while an earlier fall means Jacqui is in A&E with Rhys. After having her sprained ankle strapped, the couple leave as Gilly, Duncan and Ricky enter. A hostile showdown sees Gilly and Jacqui declare they’ll see each other in court…

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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