Paul and Brennan join forces to identify new suspects for Kate’s killer. Paul thinks anyone associated with the corruption ring Brennan uncovered is a possibility. Brennan agrees, but the details of that internal investigation are contained in top-secret files. Brennan thinks they’ll have to pursue another angle, but Paul is determined to follow the lead. He urges Brennan to break into the facility and take what they need.

Bailey struggles to remember events from the night before. Callum reveals he found Bailey passed out on the couch, before cleaning up the house for him. Bailey denies his drinking problem, and gets annoyed with Callum for questioning him about it. Worse is to come when a group of boys from school laugh at Bailey for making a fool of himself last night.

Callum is thrilled to learn he’s won second prize in the youth design competition – which is a year long scholarship in the Silicon Valley in America. His parents are proud of the achievement, but Callum’s shocked when Sonya categorically declares he can’t go.

When Brennan casually comments on how much he’s missed Imogen’s cooking, she brings him afternoon tea. But when she’s overly affectionate with him, Brennan realises Imogen has a serious crush.