Reeling from Paige’s revelation, Brennan accepts her help to find Tyler. They head to an abandoned car park, and Brennan is forced to launch an early rescue, but the police arrive and, alongside Brennan and Paige, arrest Dimato. Later, Brennan learns the full extent of Paige’s betrayal, seemingly ending any hope of romance between them.

Lauren is upset that Paige is leaving, but takes comfort in planning a farewell family meal with Brad, however the dinner is ruined when news comes through of Paige’s exploits. Paige is forced to explain why she became involved in the car ring and Lauren’s thrilled when she decides to stay in Erinsborough. Noticing Terese’s bitter disappointment, Mary wonders if she had an agenda all along.  

Naomi is anxious for her ‘hotel box’ promotion to work and, when the day arrives, the actress playing Aaron’s wife is a no-show. Naomi takes drastic action, locking Nate and Aaron in the box together to play the happy couple…

Also, Mary offers to stay in town but Paige insists she needs to fix things on her own – and promises to visit soon.