Will Brian protect Faye?

Having persuaded Faye that she must report Lindsay’s bullying, Anna shows headmaster Brian the evidence of Lindsay’s campaign against her adopted daughter. But Brian seems uninterested when he realises the identity of Faye’s tormentor. However when he later calls Anna back and suspends Faye, it’s an outraged Anna who takes decisive action to ensure Faye’s safety.

When Carla returns to the flat hoping to make up with Peter she finds him drunk and realises it’s over between them. Peter heads out and tries to rekindle things with Leanne. He tracks her down at the Bistro and drunkenly puts his idea to her. Leanne viciously points out that he can’t come crawling back to her. A broken Peter heads towards the Rovers, but as Ken steers him away he shuns his father’s offer of help and heads off alone.

Tyrone invites Tommy and Tina round to look at his holiday pictures from his trip with Kirsty. But his enthusiasm is dampened when an angry Kirsty snaps at Tyrone for showing his friends the photos. An embarrassed Tina and Tommy hurriedly leave.

Also, Michelle brings Rob up to speed on Carla’s recent troubles and Marcus feels it’s a little cramped with him, Maria, Liam and Kirk all living under the same roof.