Having spent the night at the Barlows, Brian tells Ken that Julie must be having an affair as he can’t be the father of her baby. Desperate not to belief it himself he asks Julie to do another pregnancy test. But when she shows him the multiple tests she’s done he’s shocked.

Tyrone’s devastated after wrongly accusing Kirsty of an affair and Tommy feels terrible. Calling at the police station he begs Kirsty for a second chance. She tries to ignore him, but a desperate Tyrone decides to fight for her and goes down on one knee to propose.

In the pub Audrey and Gail make a show of ordering soft drinks, but Gail’s offended when Audrey produces a breathalyser and insists on testing her.

Also, Milton asks Sylvia to move to America with him. Discussing his invite with Roy, Sylvia’s hoping that Roy will beg her to stay; Tommy confides in Stella that he’s planning a surprise for Tina’s 21st birthday and intends to tell her how he really feels about her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Having struggled to give up alcohol Audrey and Gail decide to take up power-walking. Passing a country pub they decide to stop for a drink, but when they bump into Lewis they’re gobsmacked. He buys them a drink before making a hasty retreat. Gail insists Audrey must report her sighting of Lewis to the police, but Audrey’s too embarrassed.

Kirsty returns from her police complaints hearing hoping to get away with a slap on the wrist. Tensions running high, Jason tries to act as mediator between Tyrone, Tommy, Tina and Kirsty, but Kirsty fears that everyone is turning against her.

Julie’s stunned to learn that the reason Brian has dumped her is that he thinks she’s been unfaithful. Confronting Brian she assures him that she’s never lied to him.

Also, when Tommy gives Tina concert tickets for her birthday she’s thrilled and invites Jason along too, scuppering Tommy’s plan; Milton and Sylvia prepare to leave for the airport, as Roy decides whether he can bring himself to admit he doesn’t want his mother to go; Katy slips out to the shop, leaving Joseph home alone again!