Will Brody do the right thing?

Brody find drugs on the Salt premises - but with the tills ringing, will he shut down the student night?

Brody is livid that Lena is taking drugs on Salt premises. Left with no choice, he closes the student night down and threatens to call the police! The next morning, Phoebe moves her stuff into the Morgan household. She thrilled by Justin’s warm welcome, but things take a dramatic turn when she hears Brody and Mason arguing.

Brody tells Justin and Tori that Mason knew drugs were on the premises of Salt but didn’t tell him. Tori and Justin are livid with their little brother and, trying to diffuse the situation, Phoebe springs to his defence. Justin, however, quickly tells her to mind her own business! Has Phoebe made a mistake by moving in with Justin too quickly?

Later, Tori agrees to a motorbike outing with Nate. Things are going well until he tells her that he loves her! Does Tori feel the same way?