In an alley way with a strange man, drunk and drugged, Ziggy has no idea what’s happening. Luckily, Brody shows up and scares the man away. He catches Ziggy before she falls over and he takes her back to the car. Olivia drives them all back to Summer Bay, while Brody holds Ziggy in the back seat.

As they arrive in Summer Bay, Ben sees Brody with Ziggy and, jumping to conclusions, he punches Brody in the face. Will Ben listen to reason? And will he apologise when he finds out Brody brought Ziggy home? The next morning, Ziggy comes round and finally tells the truth about her mother’s accident, leaving her family devastated.

Also, Alf notices the Surf Club has been broken into, but when he goes inside he finds John, who got to the scene of the crime first and they both realise that all the fizzy drinks have been stolen. The next day, Hunter and Mason see the thief and he turns out to be a familiar face…