Will Brody take Ziggy’s advice?

Will Brody stand up for himself against Tori?

Tori and Justin tell Brody that the only way to afford his expensive rehab programme is to sell Salt. Brody is livid and tells them he can’t sell the last good thing he has in his life. He storms out and bumps into Ziggy who advises him to fight and keep Salt. When Brody returns to Salt, he tells Justin and Tori that he’ll continue to attend weekly meetings for his recovery and carry on working at Salt. Tori is livid with Brody’s decision and rips him to shreds. Will Tori’s words cut Brody too deep?

Meanwhile, Justin tells Scarlett about his family issues, so she decides to talk Brody into going to rehab. The next morning, Justin and Scarlett drop Brody off with no sign of Tori. On their way back from the rehab clinic, Justin and Scarlett are chatting away when Scarlett leans in for a kiss. How will Justin respond?

At the Summer Bay house, the mystery man holds Alf at knife point. Roo sees that Alf is in danger from afar and runs to get Kat from the caravan park. Kat arrives and calms the man down. Alf tells Kat he has no idea who the man is and the man doesn’t know his own identity either! Kat calls for Tori and, when she arrives, she suggests he goes to hospital as he has a nasty head wound, which has probably given him concussion. Meanwhile, Kat runs an identity check on the mystery man, who is he and what’s he hiding?