Will Browning kill Myra?

Mercedes is devastated at the risky, extreme lengths she has to go to protect her mum as she runs straight over to the McQueens and tells Myra everything she heard Browning say. Jim is there and promises to help them bring Browning and Trevor down. Mercedes tells Browning what she heard, but reveals she’s still on his side – she wants her mum dead too. Undercover, she finds out details of the hit but when she tries to warn her mum, it goes straight to answerphone.

Trevor, armed with a baseball bat, breaks into the McQueens and searches the house for his prey. However, Myra isn’t there and Trevor is surrounded by police…

Meanwhile, Browning finds out what Mercedes is up to but she seeks the ultimate revenge and pulls a gun on him before he can hurt her. He overpowers her and locks her in the bathroom, while he deals with Myra once and for all.

Browning tracks down his mother-in-law at the docks and Myra’s horrified when he aims a gun at her and shoots her. She falls lifeless into the water. Jim is distraught when he realises what Browning has done.