While Declan looks forward to marrying Charity, no one else seems to have much interest in their wedding, but that doesn’t stop him from having a stag do before the big day. At the party, Declan can’t resist taunting Cain by claiming that he would rather marry Charity than Moira! Will Cain bite his tongue or will he take pleasure in sharing what happened when he tried to talk Charity out of getting married?

James confronts Moira with the results of the DNA test, which prove he’s Adam’s dad. He also reveals that he knows she made it look like he lost £10,000 so she could use it as an excuse to get rid of him and stop him asking questions about who Adam’s dad is. When Adam walks in while they’re arguing, James tells Moira that it’s time to tell Adam the truth and then marches out. Will Moira tell Adam that James is his dad?

When Pete talks to Debbie about being charged for assault, they agree to give their relationship another go. But after sleeping with his brother Ross last week, Debbie worries that he will ruin the rekindled romance…