Will Cain kiss Charity back?

Charity makes a move on Cain after he rescues her from danger in Emmerdale!

*Hour-long episode*

Determined to find Belle, Charity follows a lead on the missing teen’s whereabouts and ends up in the dodgy end of Hotten. There, she soon runs into danger at an address in the red-light district. When she calls Cain for help, the ensuing drama lands the exes back in each other’s arms…

An overheard and misunderstood conversation results in Vanessa and Tracy finding out they share a dad – they’re sisters! When the stunned siblings head to their father’s bedside, will Frank give his girls a good explanation?

Brenda urges Bob to make amends with Carly and Marlon. Aaron tries to reassure a worried Liv she’s not about to be kicked out of the house.