Will Callum get his girl?

Josie convinces Imogen to go to the school dance after her public declaration that she has bulimia. After learning from Amber what Imogen has done, Mason convinces her to enter with him. When they go in, the entire dance applauds Imogen – she has everyone’s support. The evening gets even better when Mason asks her to dance.

Callum can’t seem to get through to Josie and it’s putting a dampener on his China trip. Dancing with Imogen later that night, he learns that Josie has changed her mind about coming and is thrilled. But Josie has already seen him dance with his former crush. Callum takes off after her and tells her he loves her as the pair share their first kiss.

Paul and Karl are using the school dance as a campaign ground. Susan doesn’t know what to do when Paul offers to write her a cheque to fund the school’s radio programme for another year – a ‘gift’ that Susan knows will undermine Karl’s chances in the election.

Lauren spots a treasured bear ornament and comes face to face with the secret of her recurring dream. She calls her mother, explaining her struggle is due to the fact that Brad Willis is back.