Will Cameron plead guilty?

It’s trial time for serial killer Cameron. But as Chas, Bob and Brenda steel themselves to attend it’s a test of their mettle. With the serial killer having bumped off Carl, Alex and Gennie – and meticulously covered up his killings, no one knows if he’ll confess. But the grieving villagers finally get to breathe a sigh of relief as Cameron pleads guilty to triple murder.

Watching Paddy comforting Chas puts Rhona in a bad place. Needing something to take her pain away, Rhona reaches for a pack of painkillers – but is caught by Paddy. Fed up with her constant lies and deceit, Paddy washes the tablets down the sink and tells his devastated wife he just can’t take any more.

Val’s all excited as she’s expecting Amy to bring Kyle over for another visit. But Amy’s reluctant and has no idea how she’s going to convince Joanie to let her look after the toddler again.