Carl is appalled to hear Mitzeee called the deal off with the hit man and is having the baby. He decides to go ahead regardless, while Mitzeee is frightened when she starts bleeding heavily. There’s a shock in store when the nurse tells her she’s actually five months’ pregnant – meaning it’s Riley’s baby! Mitzeee is overwhelmed with joy. She heads to the TV studio for her interview with Eamonn but Carl isn’t there, he’s waiting at a hotel for Walker. Mitzeee goes on TV as planned, and sends a message to Carl – she’ll go to America with him.

Walker tells Kevin to plant drugs in the club. He hides the drugs but as he exits he runs into Brendan. Meanwhile, Walker finds out Carl and Mitzeee were planning to kill him…

Jim buys every copy of the magazine Carmel is in within a five mile radius! She agrees to go out with him, but she’s disappointed when it appears to be a date in The Dog. She tells the lawyer exactly what she thinks of him but he reveals a limo and tickets to the opera. However, now he knows how vain she is, he wants nothing more to do with her.

Also, Cheryl can’t help but give in when Nate asks her out for Valentine’s Day.