Guilt lying heavily on his shoulders, Carl confesses he couldn’t go through with the murder, but unable to stay in Hollyoaks anymore he tells Mitzeee it’s today or never if she wants to leave. Maxine is gutted when she overhears Mitzeee agreeing to go and Mitzeee decides she has to tell Brendan about Walker, but as she walks out into the night alone, she’s unaware Walker is out for her blood.

Mitzeee slips through Walkers fingers and it’s emotional as the girl who arrived Mitzeee, departs as Anne. However, as she hands the envelope of Walker photos and information to Maxine, she’s unaware that she’s just put her sister’s life in mortal danger as Walker watches from afar…

As Cheryl and Nate meet up Cheryl is arrested for soliciting prostitution, ironically dressed as a 70s Pimp. It seems Rob has been sleeping with the Saucy Service clients! Cheryl is released from prison and finds out Nate wants nothing more to do with her.

As Brendan and Ste struggle to reconcile, the pair try to get through this rough patch together.