Mercedes is still struggling with the pregnancy and not knowing who the father is. Jacqui reminds her that she can’t find out until the baby is born so she has little choice but to live with it. Mercedes suggests to Riley that they move away but Carl is furious with this suggestion.

Carl promises to leave Mercy alone but tells her that moving away is not the answer. Mercy tells Riley she was probably a bit hasty saying they should move away and they agree to stay local but they do need a place of their own, so start looking at property in Chester.

Cindy leaves Mitzeee confused when she insists Mitzeee should watch the company she keeps. Later, a terrified Mitzeee is arrested by Ethan for handling stolen money when it appears it was she who spent the money in Cincerity.

Diane is frustrated with the amount of time Sinead is spending on her phone but Sinead persuades her that she’s just texting the girls about prom dresses. Later, Sinead tells Diane that she’s heading out to meet new friend ‘Izzy’ but goes out to meet Bart.

Also, Ethan turns up to question Cindy about the stolen bank notes.

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