So, Scarlett’s set up an office within Emmerdale Haulage and starts brainstorming with dirty flirty Eve. It’s all very amusing for Jimmy and Carl but, when Scarlett’s not around, Eve impresses Carl with some of her ideas. That’s not all about her that impresses him, though and he’s about to do something very stupid when Chas arrives. Hope he’s happy with the two children he has because if Chas finds out what he’s been thinking about doing with Eve his fathering days will be over…

Viv’s not really enjoying life without Bob, but he’s concentrating on doing his best for the twins. He wants them to be happy and is impressed by the way Lizzie makes them feel at home at Tall Trees. But will blind Lizzie see more than there is in Bob’s gratitude for her help?

Nicola refuses to see how hurtful she’s being when she tells everyone that Moira’s daughter is a thieving junkie. And she rubs Val up the wrong way when she spoils her bit of banter with Bob. Leyla should consider turning her shop into a pub because The Woolpack’s drinkers could soon be looking for somewhere to drink that doesn’t come with sour-faced Nicola.

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