Will Carla and Peter finally slip up?

As Peter and Carla plan a secret rendezvous at a hotel in Chester he feeds Leanne a pack of lies about how he enjoyed his night at the dogs so much that he’s going to Sunderland for the night to look into buying a greyhound. Back on the case Frank’s private investigator Trish overhears this and reports back to Frank who instructs her to follow Peter…

As Tracy tries to explain what’s going on to Amy, Ken walks in and absorbs her upset. Revealing he can’t forgive Tracy for what she’s done he turns his back on her and tells her he wants her out of No 1!

When Eileen announces that she and Paul are now an item it’s obvious her friends don’t approve. Feeling uncomfortable, Paul thinks they should maybe keep their relationship more private.

Also, Kylie sends Max to school with a healthy packed lunch, but he returns with it untouched; Gail‘s tearful as Nick moves into his Victoria Court flat; Sylvia’s upset as she hasn’t heard from Milton for a few days, but as her music contest with Norris begins she’s overjoyed when he appears beside her!

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

When Stella finds out that both Peter and Carla are away for the night she’s immediately suspicious. But when she gently probes Leanne she’s insistent that she trusts him. Elsewhere, Trish meets with an equally suspicious Frank, Anne and Sally. Meanwhile, as the net tightens, in their hotel room an oblivious Peter and Carla plan their life together after the trial.

Deirdre‘s caught in the middle as Ken and Tracy continue to row. In danger of losing Ken she must decide whether to continue to side with her daughter or whether it’s time to make a stand.

Sylvia’s all keyed-up as she proudly introduces Milton to the assembled crowd. But as Norris tries to duck out of the contest, Sylvia’s having none of it.

Also, Eileen’s upset with Paul for doing a runner when Julie was having a go about their relationship. Apologising, he promises they’ll stick together in future.