Leanne receives a phone call from Brian, informing her that Simon’s gone missing from school. As she and Nick search for him, Leanne fears Peter has him. In the airport car park, Peter answers a call from a desperate Leanne about Simon going missing. Peter swears he’s not with him, but they’re gobsmacked when Simon turns up at the airport. He explains he’s come to say goodbye. As they have a heart-to-heart, Carla knows she’s leaving with or without Peter.

Eileen blasts Stella for seducing her son. Stella’s mortified and flees the house with Jason in pursuit. Gail witnesses the commotion and when Karl appears she fills him in. Karl tells Jason that Stella’s merely using him, but Jason warns him to back off. However, Stella’s rattled as rumours spreads through the pub.

Tyrone tells Chesney that there’s nothing between him and Fiz. Ches is unconvinced and warns Tyrone to stay away. Later, Fiz tells Chesney there is something going on, but not an affair and he can’t tell anyone.

Also, Lloyd and Steve are dumbfounded when a troupe of lollipop men and women traipse down the street and block their cabs in. They refuse to budge until Steve apologises and clears Dennis’s name.