Will Carla be Tony’s next victim?

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Carla decides to get some answers from Jimmy to get to the bottom of Liam’s death. Tony is suspicious about where she has gone and when her claim that she has gone for a meeting with a client proves a lie he sets out to try and find her. Meanwhile, Jimmy is feeling under pressure as Carla quizzes him about Tony and as she leaves he calls Tony to tell him what has gone on. Back at the factory, Carla confronts Tony, who sends the girls home early and locks Carla in the factory with him…

The Windasses are on a charm offensive baking cakes for the locals to try and curry favour after Gary and David‘s fight and Eddie’s darts scam. They even call in on David and Tina hoping to encourage David to drop the charges against Gary. But Anna realises that it’ll take more than butterfly cakes to make the Platts see sense.

Janice has her first lesson with Ken, but she is not best pleased when he suggests that maybe she should set her sights a bit lower than five GCSEs and that she might be better thinking of a career as a care assistant rather than a nurse.

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