Will Carla end it all?

Robert tells Tracy to tell Carla the truth about the fire – he can’t bear to watch her torture herself any longer. Tracy finds Carla knocking back wine in her car and climbs in the passenger seat. Begging her to stop blaming herself, Tracy points out that the fire was just a horrible accident, but she’s stunned when Carla puts the car into gear and announces they’re going for a ride. As she drives erratically, Tracy worries for their safety, especially when she stops by a quarry.

Teetering dangerously on the edge of the quarry, Carla talks ominously about Kal and Maddie’s deaths.

Nursing her head injury, Leanne enlists Zeedan’s help in tracking Simon down. But he’s hiding out in Amy’s wardrobe and when a worried Leanne quizzes Amy, she lies and denies all knowledge. Later, Amy tells Simon that Leanne’s crying downstairs.

Worn out after a sleepless night, David and Kylie suggest to Gail she should move out, then Lily can have her own room.

Alya asks client Heather for advice after a successful business meeting.