Will Carla keep her baby? (VIDEO)

Michelle goes with Carla to the abortion clinic and tries to get her to understand the implications of what she is doing. Realising the enormity of her situation, Carla realises she can’t go through with the termination and it’s time to tell Peter she is pregnant.

Gary silences the alarm and goes into Phelan’s house. Owen goes after Gary, hoping to stop him and tells Gary that Phelan could have made dozens of copies of the CCTV footage. After calling in at a builder merchant to give themselves an alibi, Owen decides it’s time to lay the law down to Gary and save him from himself.

Craig can’t stand to see his mum hurt by the online comments about her looks and decides to write a few comments of his own praising Beth for both her looks and her bravery. Beth is touched.

Also, Leanne admits to Stella that she’s fallen for Kal; Stella tells Leanne she’s thinking of starting afresh and intends to leave Weatherfield; David arrives home to find Gail cowering on the sofa, clearly shaken by the recent break in.