When Nick wonders what Carla was doing in the bistro, Robert covers and Tracy shoots him a look of contempt, which is clocked by Todd. At the hospital Nick is told that Carla needs an emergency operation. As Tracy approaches Carla’s bedside she overhears Nick promising Carla the most perfect wedding ever and she starts to plot the ultimate revenge.

Anna confides in Izzy that Phelan’s back and that Kevin must never find out what happened between them. Meanwhile Phelan tells Kevin that after his wife caught him cheating, she took him to the cleaners and now he’s reduced to working as a labourer. When Phelan mentions that he and Anna have history, Kevin’s intrigued. Later, Phelan suggests he and Anna strike a deal.

David and Kylie arrive home and are horrified to find Gail and Jason rolling back the carpet in the annexe. Pushing her out of the way, David quickly pulls the carpet back.

Tim jokingly suggests Sally should stand as a councillor but she thinks it’s a great idea. Roy decides to visit Carla and then return to Hastings to look after Sylvia.