Will Carla uncover Rob’s plan?

Rob comforts an upset Tracy as she explains how two men threatened her and stole the van containing the silk. Michelle’s sceptical as Carla prays the £20,000 silk theft had nothing to do Rob. Tracy puts on her best act as she talks to the police. But it’s clear that Carla smells a rat.

As Owen questions Tina over her decision to leave her job at the yard for extra shifts at the Rovers a tired Tina’s clearly had enough interference from the family. Sensing Tina’s on edge, Rita asks what’s going on.

Chesney and Sinead are getting on well, but when Ryan and Katy enter the Bistro his mood changes. Chesney invites her back to No 5, so they can make a night of it, but Sinead’s nervous that he’s just trying to make Katy jealous.

Also, as Dev struggles with the kids a guilty Karl tries to convince himself that Dev will be OK in time.