Mercedes decides to tell Carmel about Jim and spills the beans at her sister’s engagement lunch at The Dog. She goes to the hospital only to find out from Lindsey that her husband doesn’t work there anymore. She then goes home and looks through his emails and discovers an order confirmation for 50 posies – the flowers Myra had to stay late to make the night she was attacked… Elsewhere, Carmel realises Mercedes was telling the truth when she overhears Jim and her mum talking.

Sandy discovers Dodger, tied up, blindfolded and standing on a wall in the folly, thinking he’s about to fall off a cliff. She’s horrified to hear this is the work of her boys and storms into the garage, interrupting a meeting with new client, Fraser Black. Joe has an epiphany and tries to set his mum up with Fraser. His plan works when Fraser turns up at the house to take Sandy on a date.

Also, Nancy arrives at the wrong hospital and later tells Darren she’s going to fight to stop Oscar getting the implant and is determined to thwart Sienna’s malicious plan.