Will Carmella keep her baby?

Reassured that her baby is healthy, Carmella decides to continue with her pregnancy, despite her mum Lucia’s outrage that her daughter intends to be a single mother. When Carmella hints she still loves Oliver, Lucia determines to reunite the couple, and make Oliver face his parental responsibilities. When Carmella breaks the baby news to Oliver, he vows to support her and is quietly thrilled he is going to be a dad. But how will Elle take the news?

After meeting his biological dad Richard, Oliver is confused by Rebecca’s nasty opinion, and chooses to pursue a relationship with Richard, much to Rebecca’s distress. Rebecca knows she cannot change Oliver’s mind but begs him to keep Declan away from Richard.

Lou is back from his trip to Russia, filled with resolve to make a fortune for himself and raise money for Mickey’s footy club by selling synthetic fur hats from Russia. But are they authentic?

Also, Karl is shocked when he discovers he has been promoted to regional director, with lots of benefits including a sexy personal assistant.