Will Carmella’s baby survive?

After giving birth to a baby daughter by emergency C-section, Carmella panics when her baby is rushed into intensive care. Oliver accompanies the baby where he learns that their premature little girl is having trouble breathing on her own.

Carmella begins to blame herself and her addiction for the baby’s problems despite Rosie’s reassurances. Later, she’s stunned when Oliver reveals the baby has a type of pneumonia and has a real fight on her hands. Desolate Carmella urges Marco and Oliver to help her visit her baby in the neonatal unit where she is left praying that her baby girl will survive.

Elle is defensive when Paul questions her career choice, and tells him that she is serious about journalism. Later, Riley joins her to work on their account of the party roof collapse, and ends up coming clean about his feelings for her. Ignoring her own blossoming feelings, Elle is determined not to lose focus on her new career and suggests that they only concentrate on their work partnership.

Also, Harold and Lou launch a personal protest against a development taking place in Ramsay Street, but argue over how best to go about registering their objections.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 10*

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