Will Carol admit she loves Connor?

Connor pulls up in a car beside Carol as she makes her way to work. Carol tries to fob off Connor when he tells her to get in, but eventually she gives in. Connor asks Carol why she can’t admit that she loves him. Carol is uncomfortable and tells Connor to take her back to work.

Ronnie is struggling to cope with the baby while Jack is working at the club. Ronnie calls a reluctant Glenda to help her settle the baby. Jack returns home and reveals he’s selling his share in the club to go into business with Max. Meanwhile, Phil tells Shirley that he’s bought the club from Jack.

Glenda tells Roxy that Phil has bought into the club. Roxy refuses to meet with Phil and sends Glenda instead. Shirley is angry when Phil offers Glenda the job as front-of-house manager as Shirley wanted the job. Glenda isn’t interested but arranges to meet Phil to talk about it later that day. Glenda returns to the club and attempts to be dismissive with Phil, but she gives in to passion when Phil kisses her.

Also, Zainab hires Greg to finish off the building work at the restaurant.

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