Carol asks Richie to help out Max, but gets nowhere. Feeling for Carol, Sharon suggests they could talk to her solicitor Margaret. With continued support from Jane, Carol asks her why she’s so sure that Max didn’t kill Lucy. After blurting out that she just knows, Jane and Ian are later worried their secret will come out when they see Carol meeting with two police officers…

Vincent is determined to get his life back on track, telling Ronnie that he really wants Kim. After Dean tells Buster about seeing Vincent and Ronnie kiss, Buster talks to Claudette. Worried about the questions, Claudette tells Vincent he needs to get the Carters out of the house. Buster manages to move the family into No 23a, telling Vincent he wants money to keep his dirty secret.

Les panics when he finds a note to say Pam’s gone to stay at Mim’s. Les is gobsmacked when Paul admits that he told Pam his suspicions about Les and Claudette’s affair.

Also, Shabnam agrees to move in with Carmel, but Kush realises he wants them to stay in Walford, securing money from Carmel for their own flat.