Carol knocks back a tumbler of booze and writes Bianca a suicide note. Carol grabs the pills, but is interrupted by a banging on the door. Billie’s mate Connor bursts in and furiously confronts Carol for banning him from the funeral. Connor realises that Carol is considering suicide and he comforts her and they end up in bed. Connor sneaks out of the house when Bianca and Jack turn up. Bianca finds Carol’s suicide note and is horrified.

Dot and the family hold a wake for Billy. Dot bursts into tears and is comforted by Pat and Jack. As the mourners depart Lauren rips into Max and Dot and tells them that Billie deserved a better send off. Max realises that Billie’s death has brought back raw memories of Bradley and to comfort her he tells her that Bradley didn’t murder Archie. A stunned Lauren asks Max if Bradley didn’t murder Archie, who did…?

Harry refuses to believe Vanessa’s claim that Jodie is not his daughter. Vanessa bitterly insists she’s telling the truth and Harry chokes back the tears. Harry asks Vanessa if Jodie knows the truth, but before Vanessa can answer, Jodie arrives home. A heartbroken Harry storms out.

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