Carol has a doctor’s appointment, but visits Alice first, where she’s surprised to find David reassuring Alice the family will support her. Agreeing to go for a meal, Carol fends off David when he gently flirts. A few more drinks, however, and Carol is won over, suggesting they get a hotel room. At the last minute, Carol changes her mind, attending her doctor’s appointment. Carol learns she’ll need further tests, as the lump may be cancerous.

Following the revelations from Sam, Dexter feels bad about his recent behaviour. After getting his job back in the Arches, he apologises to Cora, learning that Ava gave up her dream job to support him. Packing Ava a bag, Dexter phones the school in Newcastle to say she wants the job after all. Dexter offers to go with Ava until she’s settled, but she insists she can manage alone, waving a last goodbye to the Square.

Dot is terrified after being burgled by a bogus electricity man, who stole the church fund. When Rev Stevens calls round to see if Dot is ready for her photo shoot with the fundraising cheque, she panics. Applying to the bank for a loan, Dot is talked into using her savings instead. After the photocall, a frightened Dot locks herself in at home.