Will Carol leave Aidensfield with Rob?

Pc Rob Walker receives a letter offering him a place on a special course that will give him a fast track to promotion. Walker tells Blaketon that he has doubts about accepting because he feels disloyal to his police friends. But Blaketon’s convinced that someone else is the reason behind Rob’s doubts.

Later, Rob shows Carol his acceptance letter and, despite being torn because of their relationship, Carol encourages him to take up the offer and leave Aidensfield. As Rob says his goodbyes at the Aidensfield Arms, he asks Carol to go with him to Bramshill. Will she accept?

When David is knocked off his bike by a car driven by Aidensfield newcomer Frances Elliot, villager Joyce Jowett decides to pay her a visit. No one’s home, but Joyce is sure she can hear a baby crying, which she finds odd because it’s believed that Frances lives alone.

Later, Peggy heads over to Frances’s house to investigate her. Frances refuses to let Peggy in, but Peggy catches a glimpse of a baby’s teddy bear on the floor, forcing Frances to explain her behaviour.

The next day, a young Belfast couple, Michael and Bridget, arrive in Aidensfield to spread the ‘good word of the Lord’ while enquiring about newcomers. But what really brings them to the village?