Will Casey and Denny get together

Denny is starting to act weird around Chris, due to her feelings for Casey. When she visits Casey he tells her he is no longer wants to be friends with her, so she cancels her gym membership. Andy tells Casey that Denny wants him to fight for her, he chases after her and the pair share a passionate kiss.

Now that Phoebe knows her father is responsible for Kyle’s injuries she immediately gets upset that he kept such a secret from her. She then tells Kyle she’s going to call the police, but is persuaded not to by Casey. After deciding to keep the cops out of the situation, she tells her father that their relationship is over for good.

Trying to get his life back together, Oscar decides to start catching up on the schoolwork he has missed. He begins by trying to complete his self-portrait but is clearly distracted by his upcoming community service. Denny offers to drive Oscar there, but he makes its clear this is something he has to do on his own. Denny then manages to get him out of the house for breakfast, but Oscar is anxious to be around others. Still struggling with everything that’s going on, he rips up his self-portrait in a fit of rage and frustration.

Also, Marilyn and John start to plan their big day, but John seems to be riddled with nerves. He even invents an emergency surf club meeting to avoid discussing wedding plans; eventually Marilyn manages to gently confront him so they can move forward.