While Casey beats himself up about kissing his brother’s girl, Brax is forced to tell him that Kyle and Tamara broke up. As Casey and Tamara both try to figure out how they feel, Kyle goes to Casey to tell him that he’ll be cool with whatever happens. When Brax goes to make sure Kyle really is OK, he asks to borrow Brax’s car so he can get away for a few days to clear his head.

Stuck in the motel room together, Oscar is happy to be free of the lodge but Evelyn becomes increasingly upset. Hannah and Zac are trying desperately to hold the kids together but know they only have a few days until the twins turn 16 and will be legally allowed to make their own decision about where they live.

Later, Leah brings news that the police are still looking for them. Oscar tries to convince Evelyn that they are better off away from the lodge, but she hits him over the head with a lamp and runs out. Oscar goes after her but she refuses to turn around.

And Heath is in a spin after Bianca tells him she wants more for their lives. When Casey points out that he’s a trained fitness instructor and Heath’s not, Heath begins researching fitness courses.