Will Casey convince Adam to help Brax?

Ricky discovers that Casey is planning to visit Adam in jail to testify for Brax and tells Nate to go with him, but Nate points out that this is about Brax and leaves her to think about who she really wants. When Casey arrives at the prison it becomes apparent that Adam’s desperate to get information on whether his family is alright. The next morning, Ricky assures Nate that she wants to be with him, but that she should also help Casey. Just as Adam tells Casey that he’ll want something big in return, Ricky arrives, telling Adam that they’ll be playing by her rules.

Hannah is shocked when she discovers that Oscar stole cash from her and Evelyn has asked Denny to move in. She heads to the beach to clear her head and gets introduced to Andy, telling him that she’s single. The next morning, Zac tries to talk to Hannah about their relationship but Hannah brushes him off.

Bianca speaks to Jess alone and is devastated to learn that Heath told Jess about Rocco. Bianca goes to Heath and asks him to leave, realising that he shared intimate details of their relationship with this woman. However, the next morning it becomes apparent that Jess is hiding something.