Brax pleads with a bullet-wounded Casey to hold on until an ambulance arrives; with Casey fighting for his life in his brother’s arms, he sadly dies. Brax is left distraught at Casey’s murder and runs off without breaking the news to Kyle.

Andy is racked with guilt over the consequences of his actions. He realises that Jake never cared for him and was manipulating him all along. To add to Andy’s growing list of problems, Josh tells him he wants nothing more to do with him.

Spencer consoles Evelyn after Josh stands her up and the pair nearly kiss. However, the intimate moment is interrupted by a call. As news spreads of Casey’s death, a selfish Maddy can only think about how she can use the situation to win Josh back. When Oscar realises how selfish she is being, he tells her he’s disgusted. Later, Maddy sees Josh on the beach and consoles him.