Brax tries to get Casey to try out his wheelchair, but he refuses to get in it. Later, Zac and Brax talk about their respective problems with their brothers. After Zac reveals the danger the twins are in, Brax offers to help by rescuing Oscar and Evelyn.

Oscar’s beaten by Ethan as punishment for contacting Zac, as Zac rushes to the lodge. Ethan and Evelyn warn Zac away, although Evelyn’s also concerned for her brother. Leah warns Zac about visiting Ethan again when a police officer arrives to issue Zac with a restraining order. He cannot go anywhere near Ethan or the kids. Distressed, Hannah heads out to try one last time to help Oscar and Evie.

Brax is out for revenge after Josh and Andy left Casey, who will now need a wheelchair. Maddy tries to tell Brax there’s more to the story and can’t help but feel for Josh. Later, when she question Josh about that night, he reveals Andy’s on parole and calling for help would have gotten his brother arrested. Alf and Roo spy Maddy talking to Josh.

Sasha’s comment that Spencer is reliable is playing on his mind. At the pier, Spencer looks at his bipolar disorder medication, a condition he has not disclosed to Sasha. After thinking hard he throws his medication into the water.