Will Cassie leave with Macca?

Macca tells Cassie that moving to the city would give them more time together, more money and a fresh start. But Cassie is still undecided, and confides her dilemma to a concerned Sally, who tells her she shouldn’t go.

Cassie’s upset that Sally still clearly opposes her relationship with Macca, and Sally insists Cassie isn’t going anywhere. Cassie storms out of the house, finds Macca, explains about Sally and tells him she definitely wants to move to the city!

Elsewhere, Peter and Amanda have dropped their bombshell, but Dan and Drew are furious to hear the news that they are having a relationship. Drew storms out of the door, hurt that his dad has betrayed him, and Dan rips into Peter, before sending him packing.

Later, Peter returns to Leah and Dan’s to find Drew but there’s no sign of him. Meanwhile, Amanda pours her heart out to Leah, but she’s unsympathetic, insisting that if Amanda really loved Peter she wouldn’t come between him and Drew.

The next morning, Peter spots Drew walking along the road. They end up having a screaming row, and in a fit of rage, Drew hits Peter, knocking him to the ground. Peter is out cold, and Drew is alarmed to see blood trickling from Peter’s ear.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday March 21*