Will Charity cheat? (VIDEO)

Megan enlists Charity to meet up with her flirty client, Harvey, in order to secure a business deal. Knowing how flirtacious this guy can be, Megan reckons Charity will be tempted to cheat on her husband. Charity gets all dressed up and heads off to meet him, confident that she will be able to work her magic and clinch the deal. But when she sees him in the flesh she’s disarmed to see he’s extremely good looking and has charm by the bucket full!

It’s April’s birthday so Marlon has organised a smashing party for her. However, it’s also the day before the big job so Donna slips away from the celebrations to meet up with Ross and Adam to fine-tune the details of the job they are going to do for Gary North.

Andy’s taken positive action to deal with his anger issues by going to see a therapist and that’s good news for the people around him. Katie, in particular, sees it as a good sign. Does it mean they will get back together?