Will Charity confess to Bails?

*First episode*

Charity wakes at the police station – she’s ready to confess all to DI Bails. As he sets up the tape machine to record her message, he reiterates that he needs her confession before he can let Pete off the hook. Will Charity be able to go through with it? And if she does, will DI Bails stay true to his word?

Kirin quakes with fear as he tells his dad, Rakesh, how he drove home drunk the night before and may have hit someone on the way home. Rakesh is furious about what’s happened, especially when it seems more than likely that the person in question was Moira. And his rage increases when his son reveals he’s taken the damaged car to Cain’s garage! On the other side of the village, Cain brings a shaken Moira home and it’s clear he’s out for revenge, but the question is who was behind the wheel of the car that hit his wife? It doesn’t take him long to work it out, though, after Aaron mentions that Kirin’s taken his car into the garage for repairs! 

Meanwhile, Ashley’s agreed to accompany Harriet to the retirement do of one of her ex-police colleague, but he’s unaware she has an ulterior motive. Having agreed to help Ali find her missing sister Rachel, Harriet nabs DI Bails’ security pass and sneaks into his office for information, completely oblivious to the fact that she’s being watched on CCTV!