Will Charity go to jail?

Charity tries to remain upbeat in front of Noah before her court hearing, but she knows things may not go her way if Sam doesn’t play ball by lying for her in the witness stand. When he’s called by the prosecution, Sam’s torn about what to do while Charity worries he will ruin her chances of walking free at the end of the trial. In the event, Sam comes through for Charity. When it’s Charity’s turn to to take to the stand and she makes an emotional testimony, will it be enough to sway the jury in her favour?

Meanwhile, Cain is oblivious to the fact that his comfort and support has made Charity see him in a different light. But just as she’s about to confess her feelings to Cain, Charity’s interrupted by Chas…

Emma’s upped and left again, but Ross suspects there’s something that his mum isn’t telling him so he hatches a plan to bring her back to the village. It’s a risky plan but it may just work.