Telling Declan that she’s got a beauty appointment, Charity sneaks off to the clinic to arrange the termination she plans to have after their wedding. As she opens up to the consultant about why she can’t have a baby, Charity is overcome with emotion and books her appointment. But when she returns home she’s annoyed to discover her fiancé has told Noah that he’s going to have a little brother or sister! Will she stick to her decision?

Having realised Adam is a bit older than he thought, James has began to wonder 
if his nephew is actually his son. When James finds an old picture of him with his brother John and sister-in-law Moira, it brings back memories of the night the photo was taken and makes him even more suspicious that Adam is his son. How will Moira react when James confronts her with his suspicions?

Finn is still fuming after failing to get a job because Declan gave him a bad reference. So, when he spots his boss’s credit card, he finds a way to get his revenge. He takes the card and heads to town for a night out at Declan’s expense! Meanwhile, what will Cain do when Chas lets slip she’s planning his wedding?