Charity is speechless – and that doesn’t happen often. But before Cain can take advantage of her state of shock and wed her, her unique charms reappear and she tells Cain she most certainly will not be saying ‘I do’. But Cain means business… He tells Charity he loves her and wants her and she decides he’s not such a bad bloke after all. So it’s off to the bog for Charity, where she gets changed into a stunning dress befitting the occasion. Cain’s almost a happily married man…but as she prepares to say ‘I do’ Charity hesitates…

Natasha is also desperate for a positive answer – but not from Charity. Natasha’s banking on her bank to help her through the financial crisis created by buying Nathan’s silence. Now there was a time when the banks of Britain said ‘yes’ to everything. Unfortunately for Natasha those days are gone…

Laurel had hoped that her days of being trapped in the church were over but, thanks to Carl’s naughty boy, Thomas, that’s not the case… Edna tells the lad off when she catches him ringing the church bell, so he gets his own back on her by locking her and Laurel in the church. Panic stations!

*Second episode, 8pm*

There’s a kind of hush all over the register office as Charity dries up when she’s supposed to be pledging her troth to Cain. Will he end up being the one who gets the big surprise at his surprise wedding?

Charity and Cain both get a surprise from Debbie – and it’s not a welcome wedding present. She tells her parents she’s moving to Jersey with Sarah and there’s nothing they can say or do to stop her. She needs a long break from all the Dingle ding-dongs and she’s going to have one (so that actress Charley Webb can have maternity leave).

Meanwhile, someone’s trying to say something to Laurel and Ashley with flowers that have been stolen from the church, crushed up and shoved through their letterbox. Now, who would send them such a nasty message? Think about it… Aaron’s got plenty to think about, too. Desperate for a girlfriend to cover up his attraction to men, he asks Victoria out for a drink. He thinks that includes a kiss – but she doesn’t!

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