Charity’s clearly got something on her mind when she snaps at Declan for making sly digs about her absence from the business launch. Later, Debbie’s shocked when her mum confesses that she’s pregnant and then says Declan must never find out about the baby because she’s going to have a termination as soon as she can! But when she returns home to find Declan has prepared a romantic meal, will she have a change of heart?

Pollard and Val are nervous about their dinner with Ian, so they invite some extra guests in the hope that it will avoid any awkwardness. But after Val gets drunk, everyone leaves with a nasty taste in their mouth.

When Marlon visits Donna and April before they leave, he’s choked to realise how much he will miss his daughter, especially when she calls him ‘Daddy’. Meanwhile, Rhona still suspects Donna is trying to worm her way back into Marlon’s affections.