Charlie and Brax are continuing their secret affair in a motel room. It’s a couple of days before Charlie’s birthday and they talk about going public with their relationship, but decide against it. Back at home, Charlie finds a leaflet about STIs and confronts Ruby about keeping secrets. Ruby quickly retorts that Charlie’s the one keeping secrets.

Ruby and Bianca plan Charlie a surprise party at Angelo’s, with help from Casey and April. Bianca is obviously still down about Liam and April is keen to take her mind off things. At the party, Bianca leaves early but Heath follows and challenges her to a flirtatious game of pool.

With the party in full swing, Charlie decides to make her relationship with Brax public. But, Morag, who’s noticed Charlie and Brax surreptitiously flirting all night, senses the imminent revelation and interferes before Charlie compromises herself.

April and Xavier set Dex up on a date with local girl, Summer, to bring him out of the doldrums. It’s a well-meaning gesture from his friends, but things don’t go to plan for Dex. The date is a huge failure and a confused Dex comes to the conclusion that he only has eyes for April.

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