Roxy is torn over Ronnie’s plan to stop Charlie leaving Walford. When Vincent sees Charlie and Roxy getting into a taxi with Matthew and their suitcases, he tells Ronnie, then is baffled when she seems unconcerned. After Fatboy overhears the exchange, he contacts Charlie to tell him Ronnie knows he’s fled the Square.

Once Charlie realises that Roxy is in on some kind of plan with Ronnie, he buys her a dud ticket so she can’t follow him and Matthew. Ronnie and Roxy get to the station just as Charlie steps on the train, seemingly oblivious to Ronnie’s pleas to do the right thing by their son. Devastated that Charlie and Matthew have gone, Ronnie is comforted by Roxy. When they hear a baby crying they realise with relief that Charlie has left Matthew behind.

Lauren shares her worries with Jane about Max being sent down. Listening in on their conversation, Abi is upset to learn Lauren went to see Max. As the sisters row, Lauren pleads with Abi to go to court with her to support their dad. When Marcus brings Abi up during questioning, Abi is furious, getting chucked out of the court for making a scene. Lauren is equally angry with Max and returns to the Square to tell Jane not to bother helping him any more – Max is on his own.