Blaketon is confused when teenager Charlie Prentice asks for directions for Ashfordly Hall and reveals she’s looking for her father. At the churchyard, Charlie watches as the mourners gather for the funeral of Lord Ashfordly’s game keeper Vic Robson. In the deserted church, Charlie steals a collection box.

That evening, Charlie turns up at Ashfordly Hall claiming to be looking for a housemaid’s job. Once inside, Charlie sees a photo of Lord Ashfordly, Vic Robson and her late mother and steals it. Charlie reveals to Peggy that, after her mum’s death, she found her birth certificate with her father’s name left blank. Will she find him in Aidensfield?

Meanwhile, new Pc Joe Mason takes Nurse Carol over to Fossett’s farm, where Mrs Fossett is about to give birth. Joe is then roped into helping Mr Fossett save a trapped cow, and ends up covered head-to-toe in mud. As Carol holds the newborn, the Fossett children announce that they have decided to name their new baby brother Joe, after the Pc.

Also, David decides to make a will. But when disaster strikes in the woods, it looks like David’s beneficiaries will secure their inheritance sooner than they think.