As Chas would say, dirty flirty Eve and Carl are ‘gagging for it’. Except if Chas knew she’d have a lot more to say than that! And she’s getting closer to catching them in the act. Eve pretends she’s off out scouting for stripper boys for Scarlett’s hen party business, but has arranged to meet Carl. Then Chas decides she wants some fun and tags along, bringing Charity for a laugh. And it is hilarious when Carl shows up and has to explain his interest in male strippers.

Declan wants to know why Maisie has left and Natasha comes close to telling him everything… Then stabs her own daughter in the back! The problem, says Natasha, is that Maisie is mentally unbalanced and tries to prove this by adding that she accused Nathan of murdering Mark. But, by trying to cover up, Natasha may have exposed too much. Declan is more than a little curious now.

After farmer John made a hash of bringing Holly home, Moira goes looking for her with Laurel, but has no luck. She should have stayed home because when she gets back there she finds the house has been burgled – and we can all guess whodunit.

*Second episode*

So, there’s Eve, Chas and Charity enjoying the male strippers and Carl explaining his appearance by saying he just happened to be in the area. Chas must be going deaf and blind to not have become a little suspicious. Dirty flirty Eve finds Carl’s embarrassment a turn-on and the brazen hussy can’t keep her hands off him – even with Chas right next to her. She pushes her luck even further later, when she lets Carl into Edna’s house. Edna hears them and Eve only just gets Carl out the door before Edna appears.

For farmer John there’s no escaping the ugly truth that Holly robbed her own family and tells the police that. But Moira thinks Holly the junkie would never steal from them. Moira’s going to need some drugs herself to calm her down when she finds out the truth.

Cain already knows some of the truth about Mark’s murder, but he’s not prepared to save Ryan’s neck by sacrificing his own. So, Ryan gets another bad-news visit, with Cain saying he’s done all he can to help him. It’s probably about time Ryan was put on suicide watch… there’s only so much bad news a bloke can take!

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