Moira’s in a panic after finding out that Chas intends to tell Cain that James had an affair with Moira and Adam is his son. Desperate to keep it secret, Moira locks herself and Chas in the pub’s cellar as she begs her not to tell her husband. The last time Chas was trapped in the cellar was when Cameron held a siege in The Woolpack and she nearly drowned when it flooded. Haunted by the trauma, it looks like Chas will agree to anything just so she can get out of there – FAST!

Although they have both been making out that they are happy to no longer be a couple, it’s clear Pollard and Val wish they were still together, but are too proud to admit their feelings for each other. When Pollard reveals that he’s set up a HIV charity in her name and is going to do a skydive to raise some money for it, Val is touched and the pair share a tender moment. But will Pollard really go through with the skydive?

Kerry’s assumed Laurent – the French cyclist she’s allowed to stay in her home – is gay, but she soon realises he’s not when he tries to kiss her! Dan, however, has been watching from afar and when he confronts her about it, she responds by saying that she wishes he had done something about it. To prove he’s a man of action, Dan later tells Bob that he’s planning something that will blow Kerry’s mind.